There are Three Rooms in the Manor available for Guests

Traveler's Room

This lovely bedroom was originally designed to be the housekeeper’s quarters. The room is quite large and features 2 windows on opposing walls, affording lots of light and a relaxing cross draft on warm days. It is a self-sufficient, very private space located on the second floor of the rear extension of the main house and includes a full service kitchenette. There is a table & chairs for two plus a writing desk for your computer.



Blue Room

This elegant bedroom was always used to entertain houseguests. The room is 16 feet square with high ceilings and features a walk-in, cedar-lined closet, ornate iron fireplace and huge stained glass window. It is a comfortable, private, second-floor room at the front of the house. Features include comfortable furnishings, a large writing desk and close proximity to the Jacuzzi.



Harry's Room

A special place maintained in memory of a much-loved brother who served in the Canadian Navy through his working life and traveled all over the world. Whenever Harry visited this was his haven. The room is ideal for the single traveler/explorer. Situated on the third floor of the house it has the whole area to itself. Lots of sunlight streams in through the south facing window and there are many mementos of a life spent on the sea and in foreign lands.